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Investor FAQ's

What are the SRED formulations composed of?

Proprietary information on the chemical composition of our SRED formulations (SP3, SP4, and SP5) is available to prospective investors under a confidentiality agreement. Pre-clinical validation and proof-of-concept studies include the following references:

Featured in:

1. “Eye-Opening Drug Discovery May Help Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration.” Neuroscience News, 8 May 2023.

2. “UCI Researchers Discover New Drugs with Potential for Treating World’s Leading Causes of Blindness.” National Eye Institute: Research News, 8 May 2023.

3. “Team Discovers New Drugs with Potential for Treating World’s Leading Causes of Blindness in AMD, Other Diseases.” Medical Xpress, 8 May 2023.

4. “New Drugs with Potential to Treat Leading Causes of Blindness Discovered.” Technology Networks, 9 May 2023.

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How do I purchase stock in Hyperion Therapeutics?

We are a privately-held company; investment inquiries may be submitted in the form linked above or via email to

What type of company is Hyperion Therapeutics?

We are classified as a for-profit, C-corporation.

When and where was the company formed?

Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA in 2022.

Where is Hyperion Therapeutics located?

We currently have multiple office locations across the United States of America in:

1) Newport Beach, California

2) Irvine, California

3) Cleveland, Ohio

Who is Hyperion?

Our company namesake, the son of Gaia and Uranus, father of Selene and Helios, Hyperion is the Greek Titan God of Light!